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cosmopolis is a set of world geography games played on a world map with over 60 color-coded world city locations making up the units of the games. Played with a deck of city cards and a world map for reference, cosmopolis is a fun and educational game for teaching global geography to kids of all ages.

The Rules

First Rule: Turn off the TV (playing games with your friends is more fun).

Second Rule: Don't bother with the rules booklet until you unfold the map, take the cards out of their box and look over the deck. Cards have images on both sides. So, 5 cards give you 10 cities.

Welcome to cosmopolis! You can become familiar with the connecting card by playing the games of cosmopolis junior. With your map and connecting cards, you can play Connections (a regional game), Global Works (building networks of global connections) or invent games of your own.

What will you find inside?
  • A map of world game board
  • A card deck of regional cities
  • Game tokens to place on the map

Linking Icons: Every city has an icon which represents something of value we move around the world.
Icon of airplane for movement of people
icon of ship for movement of goods
Power Poles
Satellite Dish
Movement of people
Movement of goods
Movement of energy
Movement of money
Movement of information
Icon of power poles for movement of energy
icon of coins for movement of money
icon of satellite dish for movement of information
World Regions used in the game and their colors:
Pacific North America purple
Mediterranea dark green
Atlantic North America orange
Africa yellow
Caribbea red
Western Asia dark blue
South America gray
South East Asia olive green
Western Europe light blue
AustralAsia light green
Eastern Europe maroon
Pacific Asia pink

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